Poster Printing Price

Does The Poster Printing Price Reflect The Quality?

The price plays a significant role while deciding on whether to order a poster or not. However, the rule that good quality costs good money works here too. If a high price is not an issue for you, you can easily apply to the most expensive printing services, which will ensure you the best product at the point of quality. Though most customers will choose services with moderate prices, and digital print center is one of this good production quality. Let’s discover what factors influence the cost of printing.

What factors affect the price of printing?

The printing cost usually varies from one printing service to another, while some offer cost-effective services and others require a little more payment. There are a few factors that have a significant impact on a final printing price. These features include:

  1. Equipment

Essentially, the more expensive equipment a printing service uses, the more you will have to pay for an order. The advanced printers and scanners require higher payment since they mainly ensure a custom and specific options. The printing service will offer you lower prices if the equipment is rented.

  1. Maintenance

Anyhow, any fitments will require a repair someday, and it goes for printing equipment as well. The more a company will spend on maintenance, the higher prices you will find in a price list.

  1. Durability of equipment

The equipment needs to be replaced over time due to breakdowns, aging, or loss of relevance, and print service will have to buy some new fitments. To reimburse part of the money, a company will increase the price for its services.

  1. Used supplies

Supplies that are used in a printed service also matter. The paper, ink, folders, etc., influence the final price since it includes a totality of all materials used to print one unit.

What is a reasonable price for printing?

Many customers are interested in how to figure out the printing price per sheet. It would help to calculate a price depending on the service you have chosen using a formula: cartridge price\page yield + paper cost = cost per page. Typically, laser printers’ average cost per page goes for 5-8 cents for black and white and 12-15 cents for color laser prints. Photo printing will be a little expensive – up to 60 cents per page.

It is not as easy to reveal a mild price since it depends on size, printing material, laminate, etc. Still, the average cost for a small poster at 24×36 inches will fluctuate between $15-20. However, some services will require an additional payment for poster installation; some offer a higher price for advanced covering material.