Container-Grown Christmas Trees

Why Choose Container-Grown Christmas Trees?

Since ancient times, Christmas holidays have kept an amazing mystery. Adults, like little children, continue to wait and believe in miracles – that Santa will definitely look into their homes and fulfill their cherished desires. The Christmas star at the top of the fresh Christmas tree near me will bring a lot of love, happiness, and peace of mind.

The Christmas tree did not always have a special meaning for a person. From the beginning of the 18th century, we firmly associated the winter holiday and the thorny plant.

But for three centuries in a row, we have been decorating Christmas trees, and only recently, gardeners and farmers came up with the idea to sell container grown trees. Why did they come across this idea? Is such a decision better than buying a chic cut fir? Definitely yes!

It is this aspect of the holiday that will be discussed in this article. The experts have prepared a whole list of undeniable reasons that will make you choose the Christmas tree container.

Main benefits of potted Christmas tree vs fresh cut

Reason number 1: nature saving. 

You can immediately start arguing with this statement, because the living trees that fall into our cozy and decorated house with garlands were grown on farms specifically for a magical Christmas. However, if you think about ecology, then you can understand that the more plants, bushes, and trees there are on the ground, the cleaner the oxygen will be.

One of the biggest problems at the moment is the rapid air pollution by emissions of heavy metals from the exhaust pipes of cars, harmful substances from factory production. Moreover, deforestation around the globe contributes to the worsening of the situation.

On the other hand, by buying yourself not a beautiful corpse of a tree, which you then throw away, but a cute and lively Christmas plant, you can independently increase the number of trees on the planet.

Reason number 2: live container grown Christmas trees for long term use.

Why spend a decent amount of money on a new evergreen every year when you can just put a green beauty in a pot in the house for a couple of days and then clean it up again in the garden?

Most likely, you would appreciate such an investment. Plus, you can save your precious time without wasting it on choosing green Christmas decorations.

Moreover, the holiday will last longer because a living tree, which has preserved its root system, will not dry out in your apartment. Of course, if you water and feed the tree regularly.

Reason number 3: less cleaning after the holidays.

Fighting the trash after a lot of fun can darken the very joy of anticipating Christmas. We litter the apartment with dirty dishes, shiny decorations that are simply impossible to clean from the carpet, decorations that are so sad to take off every year. In addition, while you are cleaning, you will step on the thorns that have fallen from the tree many times. They are spreading around the house at the speed of light and will soon infuriate you very much.

When purchasing a Christmas tree in a pot, you will not have such a problem, because the needles almost do not crumble from such a tree.

In general, the only difficulty may be the need to plant a green plant in the garden every time. However, if you don’t take it out of the container, it will be easy.

We hope this article helped you see a real opportunity to improve your life and the life of the planet by making the right choice. Merry Christmas!