Dog Collar

Fashionable Dog Collar Designs for Your Pet

A pet is a member of the family and should, therefore, be kept safe and happy to live comfortably. Finding the right collar for your pet is a very important task. There are many types of dog collars in the market. However, if you need a dog collar that is the most suitable for your pet, you need to look for the best dog collar, one that is special to your furry friend. 

Types Of Dog Collars

Personalized Dog Collars

Embroidery is promoted through the use of these collars. Embroidered dog collars provide dogs with a great ability to bear their names on collars – thus personalization. The collars are made from scratch with the preferred details of the pet owner. It may be the color of the collar, the name embroidered on it, and the length of the collar. 

Leather Dog Collars

The leather is a material that provides grace in any item. The same applies to dog collars. It provides a certain level of elegance that can match that of the owner. The color of leather dog collars can come in the usual black or brown, and can diverse to colors such as pink and blue.  The leather collar takes the shape of a belt that means that it is highly adjustable and thus provides maximum comfort for your pet.

Designer Dog Collars

Different designer companies make clothes and shoes that people buy and wear. Similarly, there are different designs for dog collars. The pet owner has the decision of choice when it comes to what designer collar he/she should get for a dog. This is a matter of the personal preference of the pet owner. Thus, he may feel that a certain designer has better embroidery than another one, or the prices set by one designer are fairer than the prices of the other one.  

Cute Dog Collars

There are many types of dogs. Some of them are big while others are small; some are fluffy while others have less fur. But for every pet owner, his dog is unique. That is why they want to choose and buy a unique dog collar too. Thus, there is a wide choice of big dog collars, small dog collars, and a puppy collar for a girl or a boy. Therefore, you can choose the one, which will perfectly fit your dog’s character, size, and other characteristics. As, for example, white-furred poodles are mostly provided with soft pink linen collars that are just as fluffy as the pet itself. This brings about the overall cute look of such pets. 

How To Choose The Best Dog Collar?

1. Comfort

The choice of a dog collar must be very comfortable for your pet. Discomfort will make the dog keep on struggling with the collar and thus bring harm in the process. To determine how comfy a collar is, the pet owner should have the right estimate for the circumference of the pet’s neck. 

2. Beauty 

The preference of the pet owners should come into play when choosing the type of collar for their pet. The color or shape of the collar should be appealing to the pet owner. Nevertheless, some dogs are able to show a preference for a particular color or shape which will guide the owner.

3. Durability

Pet dogs are playful members of the household. As a result, they may end up trying to play with their collars thus destroying them or bringing harm to themselves in the process. The material used to make the collars should be light to prevent weight around the neck.

Benefits Of Dog Collars


The security of a pet is very essential for any pet owner. Dogs can wander away from home and lose their way back. Collars ensure that they are not far from the household. Also, it is difficult to steal a dog that has a collar on its neck since it is easily identifiable. 


Collars make the identity of dogs known to people. Dogs that have dog collars belong to someone. It is easier to identify a dog that has a collar and has lost its way than the one that does not have a collar. The name on the collar makes the search for the owner of the pet easier. Furthermore, depending on the details on the collar, the caller ID of the owner may be present. 

Aesthetic Value

The use of collars that are cute or made from sleek designs and materials improve the outward appearance of a pet dog. A collar can make a scary-looking pet dog look so docile and thus appear more welcoming.

Materials Used To Make Dog Collars


Nylon collars are suitable for play. Dogs like to play a lot, especially in water. The use of nylon collars is the optimal choice, as they are durable and easy to clean. 


This is a natural material that makes the collar very comfortable around the neck with little irritation. They are the best choice for dogs that have highly sensitive skin.  


Some pets are not easy to handle due to their large size and power. To aid in domesticating them, metal collars are recommended. 


Collars that are made from plastic are preferred since they are cheap and thus widely available in stores. They are also easy to clean which improves the overall hygiene of the pet dog.


It is important to provide your dog with the best collar. The care you give to your pet is visible to others through the kind of collar that it has. In order to do so, you need to invest in the most comfortable collar that is both appealing to you and your dog. This way, the dog will be proud of the form of identity.