6 Types Of Hallucinations From Shrooms

The hallucinogenic and psychedelic substances are likely to produce different types of hallucinations that can happen with any of the five human senses. Hallucinations usually come while in a psychedelic trip – a deep state of mind caused by bulk shrooms, and in most cases they are auditory or visual. However, various hallucinations are observed in the users taking lower doses of psilocybin. Let’s discover what are the hallucinations like on shrooms, and which hallucination types are existing.

How Do Shrooms Cause Hallucinations?

After administration, psilocybin mainly influences the brain receptors. Since magic mushrooms contain these psychotropic tryptamines psilocybin and psilocin, they easily irritate the receptors and as a result, cause hallucinogenic effects. Keep in mind that any of the hallucinations caused by magic mushrooms may lead to some mental problems, and have a risk to damage yourself while on the shrooms.

Visual Hallucinations From Shrooms

When it comes to visual hallucinations, a user usually experiences seeing unusual images, patterns, figures, vivid colors, and so on. Still, the dose of when the shrooms hallucinations appear varies from person to person – someone admits seeing colorful ornaments on a low dosage, others experience the same state only while taking high doses of psilocybin. Such hallucinations maybe both be pleasant or unpleasant, contributing a relaxation or tension conversely.

Visual hallucinogenic effect mostly includes seeing:

1. Colorful moving patterns;

2. Vivid solid colors;

3. Unreal people or items;

4. Moving walls;

5. Clay or plastic faces;

6. Halos around objects.

Auditory Hallucinations From Shrooms

Auditory hallucinations from shrooms often represent the distortions to sounds, similar to the people suffering from schizophrenia. Besides, this type of hallucinogen also means hearing different voices when no one is actually speaking. Such voices can talk quiet or loud and pleasantly or terribly.

Tactile Hallucinations From Shrooms

Another type of magic mushrooms hallucinations is tactile – it is when a user physically feels something that is not happening at all. Physical sensations commonly appear in people on high doses of psilocybin. Although, such a hallucinogenic effect is unpredictable since it can lead to a user’s self-damage.

Olfactory Hallucinations From Shrooms

These hallucinations from psilocybin mushrooms usually go for smelling something that is not there. In some cases, such effects from shrooms can be related to brain disorders. The olfactory sensations may be quite potent as well as not noticeable at all.

Gustatory Hallucinations From Shrooms

Gustatory, also known as taste, hallucinations can be also associated with brain damages in the user. Such hallucinogenic effect is quite rare to appear, but still can be observed in some drug users. In the combination with delusions, taste sensations can become a truly distressing experience.

Proprioceptive Hallucinations From Shrooms

Proprioceptive is one of the shroom’s crazy (probably the craziest) hallucinations, since they make a user feels like he\she’s having an out-of-body experience. Besides, a person may admit the feeling like they are in a different body or even far away from their body.